Holy 18 Steps

Our Upcoming Projects

Our upcoming projects include The Holy 18 Steps Pradhishta, Remaining 7 Sasthas Pradhishta, Dhyana Mandapam etc. We are seeking donors in order to complete the upcoming projects. Please join our whatsapp group to subscribe to our updates on Sree Ashta Sastha Temple Construction: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IZQAVsT4rat7SWNjvG0dDa

18 Steps Pradhishta is something we have been planning for quite some time. More than pradhishta, regular pooja needs to be done for 18 steps. We appeal all the Ayyappa devotees to perform padi pooja @ our temple 

We have identified donors towards this cause. But still there is a long way to go. We urge philanthropists, generous to contribute towards this cause & receive blessings from the almighty 

Ashta Sastha Pradhishta