Kalyana Vardha Sāstha

Sri Kalyana Vardha Sāstha is worshipped for removing hindrances to marriages and also annihilating the bad influences of Planet Mars on mankind. He bestows us with everlasting auspiciousness. He is worshipped with two consorts – Poorna & Pushkala. There are references of Kalyana Varadha Sāstha in verses such as Guhyia Rathna Chinthamani, BoodhaNaadha Charitham etc.

Mythology says that Kalyana Varada Sāstha resides in Kanthamalai. As far as our research goes, there is no exclusive temple for this Sāstha,in general - Sāstha is worshipped as Kalyana moorthy in Ganapathy Agraharam, Tirunellai, a village in Palakkad.